Requirement part 1
1. 20 Pages, doubled spaced
2. Constructed as a business report
3. Title Page
4. Executive Summary Page
5. Table of Contents
6. Figures
7. Appendices & Illustrations
8. Criticize the technologies and give their point of view which will be different from those of the
9. well organized showing introduction, pros and cons, body, discussion, implications, conclusion,
recommendations, list of references used, etc.
Requirement part 2
1. 2 Page, double spaced, write-up of the 20 pages above (Not the executive summary page).
Requirement part 3
1. Power point presentation for 10 minutes
2. Visual aids
Topic: Impact of business intelligence/data analytics on business function (human resource, finance,
marketing, production, etc.)
Suggested reference sources for the bibliography
1. Harvard Business Review
2. Journal of Systems Management
3. MIS Quarterly
4. Sloan Management Review
5. Journal of Management
6. Organizational Dynamics
7. Communications of ACM
8. Computerworld, Datamation, CIO, Database
9. Information Systems Management
10. Journal of Information Systems
11. International Journal of Information Resource Management
12. Information & Management

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