Critically analyzing China’s monetary policy between 1995 and 2005. Provide any websites, textbooks, etc. if used to obtain information.


With capital controls, think of China as a closed economy; without capital controls, think of China as a small open economy. Remember the relation between net exports and net capital flows. Try to reason as a business person and answer to the best of your abilities.

Briefly research China’s exchange rate regime between 1995 and 2005. (Please note that after 2005, China’s exchange regime has changed, and became more flexible, with an abrupt acceleration in the degree of flexibility in 2015, even though there continues to be debate about its rigidity and fairness to foreign economies, so stay focused on this period that is simpler to analyze. Describe how China’s exchange rate regime operated over this period and locate China’s exchange rate regime on the “Impossible Trinity Triangle”. For each of the following objectives, evaluate whether the regime was effective or not, and why: Maintaining low inflation. Providing monetary policy independence (as measured by …). Promoting competitiveness of Chinese exports.

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