Critical Analysis Paper

Resources Link (website): Daniel Goleman Link (library article): Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have It? Link (website): Why Aren’t We More Compassionate? Minimum of 3 resources


This papr will present the impact that individual differences have on Organizational Behavior You will include individual perceptional differences, and concepts of emotional and social intelligence

Activity Instructions

The content of the paper should follow these guidelines:

1 Provide an opening paragraph that details the intent of the paper and includes the introduction of the academic construct (theory) Use a citation from the authors of the textbook to define the academic construct

2 In the body of the paper, provide examples of emotional intelligence and your analysis of its importance to individual and group work Use both the textbook and two other sources for citations to support your analysis

3 Provide a concluding paragraph that summarizes the content of the paper

Requirements (apa) 5 pgs min of 3 resources

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