To create professional material for early childhood staff explaining the different ways in which early
childhood programs can support the diverse needs of learners.
Method: Represent
Inclusion in Early Childhood – 300 words
What does inclusion mean in early childhood settings?
Think about what you know and believe in respect to inclusion.
Support this discussion with ideas and references sourced from the subject Modules.
Identify those key aspects that you see as important.
Connections to research What does contemporary research say about inclusive early
childhood settings?
Supporting Inclusion – 300 words
How can the program support inclusion? i.e. team roles, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary
etc. Choose one example to showcase here. You will need to support your example with
suggested references from this subject.
A shared approach – 600 words
Explain how you would create an IFSP – Individualised family support plan. Explain what
information you would consider and how you will develop/share this information with
children and families.
Provide examples that support each element of the plan.

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