Directions: You will create a brochure that will illustrate the truth behind Jim Crow and how it affected the daily lives of African Americans in the Southern United States. Tour Brochure- create a brochure that would be handed to someone on a tour of an area where Jim Crow Laws were prevalent • In our brochure include: • Pictures of what you'd see on the tour • Information about the area and how these laws were implemented in the area Each project will must address the following questions/ideas: • How did Jim Crow Laws limit African American participation in society? • Why did the laws start? • What affects did they have on African Americans developing their roles in society? • How did Jim Crow laws affect the political rights of African Americans? • How did Jim Crow laws affect the economic life of African Americans? • How did Jim Crow laws affect the social (daily) life of African Americans? In addition to the questions above, each project will need to address or discuss four of the topics below: • The Freedmen’s Bureau • 14th Amendment • 15th Amendment • Black Codes • Ku Klux Klan • The end of Reconstruction • Tenant Farmers • Poll taxes • Literacy test • The Grandfather Clause

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