My topic is Covid 19

For this week you are asked to create a hypothetical array of databases about your course project focus. I want you to create three different databases (1 master, 2 child) and then to tie them using two of the following relationships.

  • One to many
  • Many to one
  • Many to many
  • One to one

For instance, the master can be related to the child database #1 by a “one to many” relationship, and to the child database #2 by a “one to one” relationship. You are asked to submit one Excel file with three sheets (one per database). For the master database, list at least 10 elements; there are not specific requirements for the child databases. As mentioned, you can create the information you want. However, you can also use already existing datasets related to your topic, if feasible.You need to be sure that your databases are following the three normalization process forms described in our presentation.

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