Consider three of the 10 empirical research studies you read for your pre-residency assignment

Consider three of the 10 studies you read for your pre-residency assignment. How do the suggestions for further research presented in these studies justify or refute the need for your proposed study? How does this justification or refutation influence your next steps in the dissertation process?

My topic is : The effect of family structure on ………….Answer Preview………………

Families impact greatly on criminal behaviors. In criminology theory, one opts to become a criminal because of the environment where he or she lives in. It is important to remember that criminals usually reflect the kind of upbringing that they had while growing up (Lott, 2010).

                In one research, understanding the criminal minds, the author suggested that more research could be done to establish if the criminals acted out of impacts or they were introduced to crime through the social ties that they created. In this……


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