Consider this graph, showing the proportion of worldwide shipments that each different type of smart-phone operating system has had, measured each 3 month period (quarter) over several years, and answer the question that follows.

a) Which Mobile OS (Operating System) has consistently had the highest amount of shipments, as represented by the topmost line (green) on this graph?

b) Which Mobile OS has consistently had the second highest amount of shipments, as represented by the line in the middle (blue) on this graph?

c) What is the name of the Mobile OS that is represented by the purple line, which had the lowest percentage of sales back in 2012, but since the middle of 2013 has retained the position of third-highest in number of devices?

d) If the graph was extended to include data for the first quarter (January to March) of 2017, what Mobile OS would have had the greatest number of shipments. Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share 90% 80% (Share in Unit Shipments) 70% 60% 50% 40% 30 % 20% 10% 0 % 201201 2012Q2 Source: IDC, May 2015 201203 201204 201301 2013Q2 201303 201304 201401 201402 201403 201404 2015Q1

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