Consider the following Intel 80×86 assembly language program section .data number db 5 1 answer db section .bss ; put UNINITIALIZED data here using section .text global _start _start: esi, number mov keith: mov eax, 0 mov al, esi) dl, al mov bl, 2 mov loopy: div bl ax bl with quotient in al and remainder in ah and ax, 1111111 100000000b Cmp ax je there inc bl cmp bl, dl je done restore the number back into mov eax, 0 al, esi jmp loopy byte [answer], o mov ах there: mov done ;The system call for exit (sys_exit) Exit with return code of 0 (no error) mov eax, 1 mov ebx, 0 int 80h (a) State in a few short, clear and concise English sentences the action performed by this program An example of a correct method of expressing an answer would be: “This program removes all vowels from the null-terminated ASCII string stored commencing memory location number Vowels are replaced with the blank character. Furthermore, any ASCII characters corresponding to the digits '0', 'l', '2'… '9' are replaced with their 9's complement value and will appear in inverse video when displayed on a VGA monitor.” at Of course, this is meant merely as an example. The program performs something else (b) What values will be stored in memory location answer if the program is run with value 5 and then value 6 stored in memory location number?

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