Consider the case of Martin Thomas’s unsuccessful implementation of the “Fish Philosophy” in his manufacturing firm. Thomas is the CEO of a profitable manufacturing firm employing about 150 people. His firm manufactures electronic parts. There are several divisions in this firm including engineering, sales and marketing, production, quality control and support. Thomas noticed that sales were dwindling and worked with the quality control department to determine the cause. They identified a trend in customer complaints related to the attitude of the staff in the sales, engineering and production departments. The staff was viewed as “unhelpful,” “mean,” and “angry.” Often customers commented that they felt like they were “bothering” the staff.  ……. ….

Thomas decided that he needed to change the culture of his organization so he decided to do so by implementing a program called the “Fish Philosophy.” He obtained copies of the book Fish and shared it with his key leaders, giving them a goal to implement the program in their departments within one month. He did not offer any training or direction to his leadership; he simply told them to implement the program. One month later he asked for a progress report. One of his leaders stated he read the book and shared it with his managers, but that the managers did not think it would work in their department. He reported little progress. Another leader stated she came up with a plan to implement the program and presented it to her managers but they appeared to be having a hard time getting the program going. None of the leaders reported successfully implementing the program.

Your goal this week is to develop a plan to successfully implement organizational change. Your plan should include a written explanation on how to successfully implement this plan. You should use and cite sources to support your explanation. You should then present your plan. This plan should include each step that will be taken to implement this change as well as who will be responsible for each step and the target dates for implementation of each step.

For this assignment, you will do the following:

Locate three peer-reviewed articles on leading organizational changes.
Read each article and consider your own opinion of the issue.
Write a 2- to 3-page plan to implement a change initiative
Be sure to use effective written communication strategies to convey your ideas.
Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

2-3 pages in length
Include at least three outside sources, in addition to properly citing information.
Be formatted according APA guidelines ……. ….

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