Complete the following natural deduction proof. The given numbered lines are the argument's premises, and the line beginn argument's conclusion. Derive the argument's conclusion in a series of new lines using the proof checker below. Click Add Li proof. Each new line must contain a propositional logic statement, the previous line number(s) from which the new stateme abbreviation for the rule used. As long as every step is correct and you successfully obtain the argument's conclusion on its correct. In some cases, there may be more than one correct path you can take to reach the conclusion. You can check each wait until your proof is completed to check the entire proof. If you make a mistake, click the line you would like to modify.N recheck subsequent lines if you make a change to an already-entered line. When you have completed your proof, click Checl 1Woo).GOL) 2 (W. G) LvO 3 V Check Modus Ponens MP Modus Tollens MT Hypothetical Syllogism HS Associativity Assoc Disjunctive Syllogism DS Disbution Dist Constructive Dilemma CD Double Negation DN Simplification Simp Conjunction Conj Addition Add DeMorgan's Rule DM Commutativity Com Add Line X Delete Line V Check Proof

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