1. One way to understand criminal justice is to examine court cases that address important criminal justice matters. One such case is Miranda v. Arizona. It addresses what is commonly known as Miranda Warnings.In order to better understand cases, there is an analytical method that involves identifying the:IssueRuleAnalysisConclusionThe first step is identifying the issue. The issue is the question or questions that the court considered and answered in the case.Identify what issue the court considered in Miranda v. Arizona and why was the issue important. Why do you think the issue had to be resolved on appeal? Usually when an issue is resolved on appeal, there are differing opinions by the lower courts.2. Sexual assaults at United States military academies have risen, yet victims have been hesitant to take action that would result in criminal investigation. Why do you think that this would be the case? Are there similar dynamics at play in sexual assaults outside of a military setting? If so, what are they?

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