.blackboard.com/webapps/blackboard/execute/uploadAssignment?content_id=_14838594_1&course_id=_1024784_1&assign_group_id=&mode=view”>Activity 1.6 – Assignment: Case Study: Rolls Royce’s ERP ImplementationThis module introduces the first case study for this course. Each case study is an in-depth example that illustrates how prominent businesses and organizations implement the theoretical concepts you learn. They provide a broader, integrated critical thinking process that will help you to expand and clarify your understanding of the material covered in this module.Refer to Case 1.2, Rolls Royce’s ERP Implementation, in your textbook.After you’ve read the case study, answer the following questions:What do you think of RR’s ERP Implementation project? Did they select the right implementation strategyDiscuss the Critical Success Factors of RR’s implementation strategy and the role of SMEs in the project.What advice can you give to RR’s technical team on their approach of migrating the legacy system to the SAP software?When answering the case study questions, use terminology from the chapter. Each answer should be grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors. Follow the instructions below when you are ready to turn in your work. This is a graded assignment and is due before the end of this module.

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