Case study of Monopoly

Microsoft(MSFT) has been accused of violating the Anti-trust law time to time. MSFT had the legal problem with European Community(EC).

Q1)Do you think Monopoly business practice is so bad for the general public's welfare? why? or why not? Explain based on cost and benefit analysis of social welfare.(0.5 point)

Q2)Do you think FAANG companies are Monopoly? FAANG are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Neflix and Google. Do you think Government should regulate and break up these FAANG companies? (0.5 point)

Q3)Would you give us another notorious example like Monopoly case in the past or present (such as Standard Oil, Morgan House, OPEC with high energy price, lately case of INTEL)? Your Monopoly example should be based on high concentration of market share and high abnormal profits.(0.5 point)

Q4) Is the current Anti-trust law outdated ? why? For example, Sherman Act of 1890 has only 769 words.(0.5 point)

Q5) if so, what reform is necessary for the current anti-trust law? (0.5 point)

Please answer all five questions with at least 3 sentences each.

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