Case Study A­4 Appendix A: The Johnson Drug Company: Implementing a Sales Strategy ChangeThis case is designed to demonstrate the relationship between marketing strategy and the behavior of the sales force that must support that strategy. As a company responds to market changes, it must make corresponding changes in sales areas that include training, compensation, supervision, and control.In this case, management’s decision to shift to systems selling creates a need to implement a new channel of distribution strategy. Even though management is committed to systems selling, customers arenot buying through the system.In the context of systems selling, the sales person becomes a business consultant rather than an order taker. Management has upgraded its expectation of the salespeople without providing them the necessary skills and motivation to meet these expectations.Read the case carefully and address the following issues in your analysis. In addition to responding to the issues posed, you are to provide some analysis based on each factor mentioned.What should the salesperson’s role and objectives be under the new concept?Are existing sales personnel capable of implementing the systems selling concept? Explain.What changes in supervision and compensation are added to better motivate salespeople under the new concept?Should a training program be developed to assist salespeople in learning how to fulfill their new responsibilities?To what extent should the sales manager’s role and responsibilities be revised to correspond to the new selling strategy?What changes should be made in the company’s salesperson recruiting procedure?Your analysis must be presented in a professional manner. It will include your name, course, the title of assignment, professor’s name, date, task, and a list of sources used, if applicable. It must properlycite sources using the APA format. The paper itself must be typed, double spaced, with one inch margins. Eleven or twelve point type is preferred. The evaluation will consider content organization, clarity ofwriting, vocabulary use, and proper grammar.
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