Can write it on any topic.This will involve deciding on: a research question, reviewing relevant literature, setting research aims and objectives, deciding upon and justifying appropriate and ethical data collection methods, describing your analysis strategies, and finally, putting all this together into a coherent Research Proposal that could be presented to a prospective.

1. Title of the Project

2. Research Question

3. Aims (4-5 specific aims)

4. Literature review (3-4 pages- indicating a justification as to why this research should be conducted)

5. Methods (at least two modes ie. Interviewing and observation) including written justification as to why you chose these methods

6. Data analysis ( process of how you will analyse the raw data)

7. Key Ethical issues (identify 5-6 key ethical issues which you would have to consider for your project)

8. Dissemination and policy relevance (what are the ways of giving information back to different audiences such as your research cohort, academic conferences etc)

9. Reference List and appendices (example of interview questions etc).

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