Can someone show me how to do this please? please provide clear instructions. please use microsoft excel and the linear programming problem method. Problem 2: A company is considering producing four different types of products that yield the following unit profits: 1. Net Profit 11000 4000 10000 8000 The company has $ 800,000 capital to invest in production, capability of 12,000 working days, and $14,000 available to spend on advertising. The capital, labor, and advertising expense requirement for each type of product is given below Type Required advertising funds er unit 160 140 80 100 Required Capital per Required Working Unit 20000 15000 16000 10000 Days per Unit 200 120 150 80 Assuming that the company wants to maximize profit, formulate the objective function (20 points) Formulate the constraints (15 points) Solve the problem using Excel. According to your solution, how many of each type of product the company needs to produce to maximize profit and what is that profit? (15 points) a. b. c. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS FOR TEN EXTRA POINTS: d. By how much the net profit from product 'A' has to increase to make the current e. What will be the effect on the net profit if the availability of working days is increased solution non-optimal (5 points) from 12,000 to 13,000 (5 points)

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