C++ Modify the program of Programming Challenge 1 to allow the userto enter name-score pairs. For each student taking a test, the usertypes a string representing the name of the student, followed by aninteger representing the student’s score. Modify both the sortingand average-calculating functions so they take arrays ofstructures, with each structure containing the name and score of asingle student. In traversing the arrays, use pointers rather thanarray indices. IMPORTANT: Use arrays of objects notstructures Programming Challenge 1: #include #include using namespace std; //Function prototypes void arrSelectSort(double *, int); double arrAvgScore(double *, int); int main() { //Define variables double *TestScores, total = 0.0, average; int numTest, count; //Get the number of test scores you wish to average and put inorder cout << “How many test scores do you wish to enter?”; cin >> numTest; //Dynamically allocate an array large enough to hold that manyscores TestScores = new double[numTest]; //Get the test scores cout n“; for (count = 0; count < numTest; count++) { //Display score cout << “Test Score ” << (count + 1) << “:”; cin >> TestScores[count]; // Input validation. Only numbers between 0-100 while (TestScores[count]99) { cout << “You must enter a scores that non-negative”<< endl; cout << “Please enter again: “; cin >> TestScores[count]; } } //Dsiplay the results arrSelectSort(TestScores, numTest); average = arrAvgScore(TestScores, numTest); cout n“; for (count = 0; count . . .

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