In the code cell below, write a program that prompts the user for a year (say 2019, for instance) and output a file named daysNmonths.txt containing a table of how many days in each month for that given year in a format like this:
2019 January 31
2019 February 28
2019 March 31
2019 April 30
2019 May 31
2019 June 30
2019 July 31
2019 August 31
2019 September 30
2019 October 31
2019 November 30
2019 December 31
Remember that February has 29 on leap years and 28 days on other years. A leap year is a year that is divisible by 4 and is not divisible by 100. That is:

Write a program that reads the contents of the daysNmonths.txt file created by the previous coding challenge value by value and displays only the second and third columns to the screen.

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