Complete Case # 12, “The Wallingford Bowling Center” on pp.C-14 through C-15 in the back of your textbook. Answer the end-of-case questions and submit your answers where designated in Blackboard.InstructionsWrite your case study paper according to APA style guidelines including cover and reference pages. The cover page should contain a running head, page number, and byline. The body of the paper should include an introduction, narrative (body), and conclusion. These three sections should discuss the case study contents and provide the reader with adequate information that when the questions are answered, the reader is able to make a connection between the case study and the question responses. Please address the questions in a comprehensive and scholarly fashion; additional citations and references are expected. The page length for this assignment should be 3–5 pages excluding cover and reference pages. No abstract is required for this assignment; however, a table-of-contents is.POINTS: 100 TOTALFormatting – APA Basics•1” margins all around•Double-spaced from beginning to end•Times New Roman Font•12-point font size•Indent beginning of paragraphs one-half inch•Use headings as necessary:?Introduction (Use title of the paper, not the word introduction)?Narrative (Body of the paper)
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