SUPPLY CHAIN CASE STUDY REVIEW (900 to 1000 words)The text briefly describes Zara, a Spanish clothier, who has developed a Quick Response inventory strategy to provide a distinct competitive advantage. ( p.198 its attached) Instead of predicting months before a season starts what women will want to wear, Zara observes what’s selling and what’s not, and continuously adjusts what it produces and merchandises on that basis.In Keeping Inventory-and Profits- Off the Discount Rack, the Zara strategy is explored more in depth. Use this article for an article review. In your review, discuss how this problem or issue impacts supply chain performance.In this review follow these criteria:Write a brief summary of the article (this will be your first paragraph).In the next paragraph, discuss how the article’s content relates to the assigned topic (discuss how this problem or issue impacts supply chain performance)Review should be about to 900 to 1000 words.
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