True or False1) The important thing to know about production or operations is that the terms refer to any process that takes basic resources and transforms them into finished products.( )2) Three things you can do to transform your own work such that you become more efficient are to reduce procrastination, increase multitasking, and increase the use of checklists.( )3) Opeations management works in exactly the same way for manufacturing and for services.( )4) Transformation processes add value to factors of production to produce goods or services.( )5) Form utility is the value that people add in converting resources, including natural resources, capital, human resources, entrepreneurship, and knowledge, into finished products.( )6) Old rubber tires are cut into small pieces and then strewn on the floor of an indoor riding arena to make a surface comfortable for horses to move on. This process is an example of synthetic transformation.( )7) Electricity generation is an example of an intermittent production process.( )8) The two ways of adding value in converting resources into finished products are to break down raw materials and to combine raw materials.( )9) A continuous process is a production process in which goods are manufactured by robots in short production runs.( )10) A major advantage of lean manufacturing is the ability of management to lay off workers during an economic slump without major effects on operations.( )11) Betsy remodels and redecorates houses with the help of her computer. She can move walls or doors on the computer before she ever has to demolish a real wall or move a real doorway. She can try different paint colors on the walls and different styles of kitchen cabinets without having to spend a cent on the real thing. Betsy is making use of CAD—computer-aided design.( )12) Inventory control is the system for determining the right quantity of resources and keeping track of their location and use.( )13) In the product layout arrangement, similar work is grouped by function.( )14) Nearness to suppliers and customers is an important factor in choosing the best place to locate a business facility.( )15) Because restaurants have little room to store supplies long term, and because they can’t store perishables long term anyway, most restaurants tend to rely on the just-in-time system of inventory control, at least for their perishable foodstuffs. ( )16) A Gantt chart is an ideal way to schedule a large and complex project.( )17) Quality assurance is defined as the process of minimizing errors by managing each stage of production.( )18) Ezra’s company makes cream-filled cupcakes. Because of refrigeration concerns, Ezra takes extra care during the stage in the production process when the cream is injected into the cakes. Ezra loses a fair amount of product to cakes falling apart before they are boxed, and he doesn’t worry about the individual plastic wrapping that goes on each cake because he has never seen a problem with the plastic. Ezra has an adequate quality assurance program at his company.( )19) Fast Frank’s is a take-out hot dog stand where customers can get any kind of hot dog with any toppings they want, plus French fries or onion rings and soft drinks. That’s all Fast Frank’s sells. Frank strives for continuous improvement. He trains his employees before they ever serve customers and then holds quarterly refresher courses on an ongoing basis. He encourages customers to share their experiences, positive and negative, with his employees, and he routinely sends his employees out to patronize other take-out food stands to see how they handle their business. Fast Frank’s follows the total quality management system of continual improvement.( )20) Six Sigma consists of quality assurance procedures companies must install—in purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and other areas—that can be audited by “registrars,” or independent quality assurance experts.( )21) Six Sigma is a rigorous statistical analysis process that reduces defects in manufacturing and service-related processes.( )22) Benchmarking relies on statistical sampling to locate errors by testing some of the items in a production run.( )
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