Build a project that contains the source files Stack.h, Stack.c, and Examination2Part2.c that Dr. Hanna has posted on Canvas. Leave the source file Examination2Part2.c unchanged, but add the member function PushSTACK2() to the STACK abstract data type
void PushSTACK2(STACK *stack,const int element);
The PushSTACK2() operation is very similar to the existing PushSTACK() operation; however, the stack object *stack passed to PushSTACK2() simply cannot become over-filled. Whhaaatttt!! Why not?! Because when a client application calls PushSTACK2() when the stack object *stack is already full (that is, when size = capacity), PushSTACK2() doubles the *stack capacity before continuing to push on *stack the element passed to it. Hint The algorithm for PushSTACK2() is very similar to the algorithm that is used to implement the VECTOR member function SetVECTOR(). Check it out!
Make sure you have the required internal documentation included in each of your source files. Submit a single Word document that contains your versions of Stack.h and Stack.c—single-spaced, Courier New, 10—and the Examination2Part2.exe screen shot (like the one shown below). Note You are not required to make changes to Examination2Part2.c, so there is no reason to provide a copy of it in your Word document.
Sample Program Output

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