Part One: From this section, there are three options from which you can choose. Pick one of the options below, read the situation presented, and then complete the “Your Task” section. Submit a draft. Once you have received feedback from your instructor on your draft, do the second part of the assignment and submit it.1) Blogging SkillsSelling without selling: Blog posting about a GPS rescue. Promoting products through customer success stories can be a great marketing tactic, as long as you keep the customer as the “star” of the story and don’t promote the product too blatantly. You’ve recently joined Garmin, a leading manufacturer of electronic navigation equipment, including a popular line of handheld global positioning system (GPS) devices used by hikers, kayakers, and others who venture off the beaten path.Your task: As a communication specialist, your responsibilities include writing blog postings that highlight dramatic stories in which people used Garmin GPS units to rescue themselves or others from potentially dangerous situations. Visit Garmin’s website, at, click on “Company,” “What’s New” and then “GPS Adventures” (or access the page directly at Select a customer story that involves a wilderness rescue in which a Garmin product played an important role. Using the information provided by the customer, rewrite the story in the third person (changing “I” or “we” references to “he,” “she,” or “they:) for an audience that isn’t familiar with the product in question. Subtly work in references to the product and the benefits is provided in this scenario, but keep the focus on the customer.Choose one of the following options:4: That’s not the way things really are: Correcting economic misinformation12: Your work does matter: Encouraging an unhappy colleague15: Firing the customer: When a particular customer is always wrong
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