Based on your review of the case, your analysis of needs data, and your knowledge of similar situations, you have determined that the initial training needs of your staff include the following: ? How to follow basic procedures for analysis of learning needs ? Creation of a design document You have been told that with the growth in student population, there may be additional full- or part-time people added to your staff in the near future. Prepare a training module that will address 1 or both of these initial needs or a subset of one of these primary need areas. Plan for no more than 45 minutes completion time for the module, including any presentation or discussion along with self-directed learner activities. Begin with your instructional goals, and move through the other appropriate stages of the design process. Focus on creating the design document for your module. It is not necessary to prepare instruments or detailed materials to be used in the training course. Your document should include the following: ? Summary of the project, audience, and analysis information ? The instructional goal ? The terminal performance objectives ? Sequence and timing of instructional events ? Instructional event descriptions, including media and methods ? A plan for assessment and evaluation

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