Background: One month after your briefing to the ownership team, they call a special meeting. In that meeting, you are told of the potential for a new partner (private) in helping to fund the additional costs for the new construction project beyond what the insurance will cover. In confidence, you are told that in exchange for partnering with the private investor it may mean building on a new site that they do not own.

Assumption: Assume full cost of old site recovery & remediation (restoration) is paid by the insurance company.

a. From a facility planning, site, and design perspective layout your plan in a detailed outline format for the ownership team that spells out the pros and cons of entertaining this offer. What must the new site offer to make it better than the current one. Include recommendations on; stakeholders, possible public partners, timeline, design and construction methods, changes to site conditions, environmental issues.

b. From the perspective of generating capital ($’s from partners and fans) for the project and the ability to generate incremental long term operational revenue (events and attendance) explain the pros and cons of rebuilding on the current site versus a new site.

c. Offer your business plan criteria for a new location that would ensure that it would make your venue more profitable than it is at its current location. How much financial support and risk would the new partner have to take on to make this a successful venture?

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