b) that will operate in the dominant mode at f=10 GHz. Inside this waveguide, there exists an electromagnetic field whose instantaneous field components are given by Ez-0 He cos 쯔 cos(2π1011t_Rz) a. (A/m) i. Determine the mode of the waveguide i Write down the dominant mode of the waveguide iii. Write down the next higher-order mode b. Chose the dimensions a and b of the waveguide at f 10 GHz, if The waveguide operates on the single mode (dominant mode) v Also, it operates 25% above the cutoff frequency of the dominant mode and 25% below the next higher-order mode. Find the attenuation due to the conductor loss, ae c. (σ = 1.03 × 107 S/m & tan6-0.001)”>

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