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Environmental scanning & strategy formulation.

Structure of the project The 3 assignments of this course will be parts of a project, which aims to study the four basic elements of strategic management of the company ‘X’ from your choice. It is structured as follow: – Part 1: Assignment 1= Environmental scanning & strategy formulation. – Part 2: Assignment 2= Strategy […]

A strategic action plan to improve ONE sustainability challenge (NOT scandal) faced by a fictional company

Assessment 2: Individual Report, – Not more than 2,000 words -Industry – fashion industry (fashion retail sector) -Fictional company name – Miss ALondon Format This is an individual report in which students are required to form a fictional company, and also identify a major sustainability challenge facing the company. In order to do this, each student […]

Tourism :Australia revival plan

CASE STUDY: Based on the Tourism Australia revival plan, one of the key strategic recommendations was to stimulate demand for Australian Tourism and Hospitality. What is apparent is that the pace of return of tourism traffic from Australia’s traditional source markets is likely to vary across markets, segments, and purpose of visit due to differences […]

Read Pablo Helguera

Read Pablo Helguera, Education for Socially Engaged Art: A Materials and Techniques Handbook (NYC: Jorge Pinto Books, 2011), Chapter 1. PDF can be found in the module section or on “files” on Canvas. Claire Bishop, “The Social Turn: Collaboration and Its Discontents,” Chapter 1 in Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship (London: Verso, 2012). READ ONLY […]

What elements of bureaucracy can you note from your experience in school (examples from elementary through college are fine)?

Week 4 Journal Preparation Read Chapter 13, Education and Religion, in the textbook. No outside/web sources, please. Attend the Week 4 Keiser Live! session or review the recording. Review the Purdue OWL for instructions and examples of formatting in text citations and references as these are required. In text citations go in the paragraph and the […]

Variation in Health Care Processes

Variation in Health Care Processes One of the key concepts that Dr. Deming (and others) introduced to health care, from industry, was the concept of the variation in key processes. In addition, one of the main factors that has been identified in the review of patient safety incidents; the rising cost of health care; and […]

Discuss the strategic management process using a MNC

Discuss the strategic management process using a MNC (in electronic or cosmetics industry) of your choice. Describe what is involved in each step* and give examples. *Remarks: For the firm’s objectives, you can make an assumption if such information cannot be found on web. Analysis of external environment (PEST analysis) is not needed in this […]

Lab Report Assignment, you will consider how different systems may interact and cause changes in an organism’s physiology

In our Lab Report Assignment, you will consider how different systems may interact and cause changes in an organism’s physiology. While these reports will be based on hypothetical experiments of your own creation, accurate physiological principles and scientific ethics must be adhered to. Consider the different physiological concepts we cover each week in the course. […]