Research various ERP systems.


 Use the internet to find at least three different ERP software systems that are available.

 Determine what the main criteria are, create a comparison to evaluate each one, and explain how they compare to each other.

 Prepare a table summarizing the results, and embed it into a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of between 10 and 15 slides. The presentation should include some details of each system, your table of comparisons, and a summary with your conclusion.




Write a 2- to 3-page paper or develop a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to use that information to present how the various aspects of customer-driven business involves and affects SCM, CRM, and ERP systems.

 Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Basic Framework
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Identifying Customer NeedsCustomer-Driven Process Improvement: From Customer Needs to Process Requirements
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Mapping and Measuring Processes
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Analyzing Process Problems
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Identifying Improvement Ideas and Solutions
Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Implementing and Maintaining Improvements


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