Assignment on Ethics: Middle Ages

Assignment on Ethics and the Middle AgesUpon reading the “Ten Commandments of the Code of Chivalry”, the “Sumurai’s Creed” and the “Laws of Genghis Kahn,” answer the following.  Write in complete sentences/paragraphs.1.  What do these codes of conduct have in common?2.  How are they different?3.  How are they similar to our modern systems of law?4.  How do they differ from our modern systems of law?5.  Finally, how do they specifically reflect the definition of Honor from the handout.



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The codes have the belief of fighting in what one believes in common. The fifth Chivalry commandment, thirteenth Khan Law and the line in the creed, which talks of seizing opportunities all relate to not backing down when one faces challenges. The codes, therefore, believe that peopl…….


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