Assignment Instructions 1. Find five scholarly texts to help you explore your chosen topic. You must choose texts from as wide a range of sources as possible, so you read a variety of perspectives on your topic. All of your texts must be recently published, scholarly and appropriate to your topic. At least three must be scholarly journal articles. Do not include newspaper articles, dictionaries, Wikipedia entries, Google images, etc. among the texts. 2. Reference your five scholarly texts as a list of references according to the Chicago author-date 17B referencing style (for Built Environment students) or the APA 6 th edition referencing style (for all other students). List all references in alphabetical order with hanging indents. 3. On the next page, copy these five scholarly references. Underneath each one, write and complete the following in your own words: The main argument for this text is that: ………. . The following 3 or 4 related ideas support this argument: ………. . Then add 3 or 4 dot points in which you state the related ideas in full sentences.
this is the example i provide, and please ignore the first page

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