Assignment- A persuasive outline for an upcoming speech.The body of the outline can be phrases or full sentences, but not single words. The body of the outline must have a minimum of three main points (Roman numerals) and a minimum of two additional levels of sub points under each main point (capital letters, then numbers).The persuasive outline must have a minimum of four credible sources. Your References must appear in full APA style and format.Topic Choices for Persuasive Speech:1. Make a proposal to your local Chamber of Commerce to change the business zoning laws in your community.2. Make a proposal to your company’s social responsibility committee in your organization that it begin a company recycling program or become an active sponsor of events for a specific charitable organization that fits with the mission and values of the company.3. Ask a business audience of decision makers in a company to vote for a no smoking ban that applies to all outside areas of the company property.4. Persuade your IT department management team to create and implement strict end user rules for Internet usage, or additional company network security and firewall protection measures. These are just some examples of what you may wish to explore for this option.Please Note. Be sure your persuasive argument is supported with research data. Do not rely solely on your own experience. There must be a specific call to action: what are you asking your audience to do? For example, accept your proposal, provide funding for a new project, make a donation, sign a petition, etc.

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