Question 1.1.Of the following goals, which is considered to be the most crucial for leaders who want to succeed at team-building? (Points : 1) Build trust among members. Reduce personal conflict inside a group or team. Develop effective channels of communication among members. Increase effective support between members.Question 2.2.What makes communication dynamic? (Points : 1) It is usually exciting, because transmitting messages can be exhilarating. It is constantly changing, because messages feed other messages. It is always irreversible, because we cannot take back what we say. It is usually complex, because messages have many layers of meaning.Question 3.3.Fred E. Fiedler’s LPC test requires a subject to describe a coworker they (Points : 1) have never interacted with like the most like the least work very closely withQuestion 4.4.Marc supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. According to attribution theory, when Barak Obama won instead, Marc most likely (Points : 1) accepted that Obama was probably the better candidate felt silly for having thought Romney would win refused to accept the election as legitimate predicted that Obama would fail as a presidentQuestion 5.5.Which of the following individuals would most likely NOT be considered a group’s gatekeeper? (Points : 1) Jim, who is informally regarded as the group’s leader Gary, who is always willing to express the group’s values Karl, who helps carry out the group’s activities Juan, who is a “member in good standing”Question 6.6.All of the following factors increase group cohesion EXCEPT (Points : 1) the presence of an outside threat member interdependence member heterogeneity high statusQuestion 7.7.Which of the following is NOT a category of barriers to interpersonal communication? (Points : 1) individual differences among employees situational factors, such as outside noise transmission problems, such as telephone static informal communication networks, such as the grapevineQuestion 8.8.Yael, a manager at a footwear company, is a production-oriented leader. How would Yael likely fare if she were to take Fred E. Fiedler’s LPC test? (Points : 1) Yael would likely score high on the test. Yael would likely score low on the test. Yael would likely refuse to take the test because she is so production oriented. Yael would not take the LPC test, because it is not for managers.Question 9.9.According to the text, the difference between agroupand ateamrelies on which of the following ideas? (Points : 1) Team members share a common commitment, while group members solely share common norms and an identity. Teams go through different phases of development, while groups remain static over the course of time. Groups go through different phases of development, while teams remain static over the course of time. Teams should be formed with 10 members or less, while groups have an unlimited number of members.Question 10.10.The __________ dictates that leaders should adapt their style in response to how prepared their audience is to follow them. (Points : 1) Hersey and Blanchard Situational Leadership Model Fiedler Contingency Model Attribution Model University of Michigan Leadership Model

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