Lab submission details:
As part of the submission for this Lab, you will create your own unique PHP Web application to store and use session variables in a simple project management application. You must use the AWS Cloud VM for this exercise. Specifically, you will create a unique Project Management application using PHP and HTML that allows a user to login to a website, check the progress of a specific project and provide feedback about the progress. The following guidelines should be used in your design and development: 1. The Login form should consist of fields for username, email address and a password. 2. After login, a personal welcome message should appear along with a list of several projects (at least 10) your company is working on and the current percent completion of each project. 3. The display should include the ability for the customer that logged in to provide comments about one or more of the projects and submit those comments.
4. A customer can remain on the site for up to 30 minutes, without activity, before the session will expire.
5. Once all comments are provided, the customer should be able to submit their comments and a summary page showing all of the project information plus the customer comments will result. The customer should be able to add as many comments as they like for each project. (Hint: use a textarea) 6. The summary page should include every project available regardless of whether comments were provided or not.
7. The summary page should include a “Thank you” message at the top as well along with the project data and customer comments and date and time the comments were submitted.
8. Each PHP page should provide the ability for the customer to logout at any time. The following is a possible mock-up of what a page might look like for listing projects and providing customer feedback. Login Logout Welcome John. Please add comments in the last column of the table below and press Submit when ready to review your comments. Project % complete Customer Comments: SpaceX 35% Mission to Mars 15% PHP Into 65% … When the customer selects “Submit” they should see the personal thank you and the project data and any comments they added for that submission. Note, you do not store the comments in session Submit 19 variables. Assume a refresh occurs for each submission. However; you should store appropriate session variable for the login and make sure the customer has appropriately logged in before displaying the projects for comment. Feel free to add additional HTML and PHP elements to enhance your web application. Create screen captures showing the successful running of your application. Describe each screen capture to explain the results of your application. For your deliverables, you should submit a zip file containing your word document (or PDF file) with screen shots of the application running successfully along with your PHP web application file and the access.log file. You should include the Apache log file. Submissions without access.log files will not be accepted. Include your full name, class number, professor name, and section and date in the document.

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