As a manager of a health care organization, your goal is to create a successful environment for customers, patients, and staff, and planning is what makes this possible. A strategic plan will help maintain the environment you are currently in, provide input to what capabilities your organization has currently to use within this plan, change the organization based on the needs determined, and guide your organization to where it plans to go in the future.InstructionsResearch online at least 3 existing health care organizations for examples of mission and vision statements. Use them as a reference point when creating your own strategic plan.You are to complete the following portions of your health care organization strategic plan:Name your health care organizationDescribe the health care organization for which you are creating a strategic plan.Include details about the population it serves and the services provided.Identify the organization’s core competencies.How are core competencies giving the organization an important difference in providing customer benefits and perceived value?Identify the expectations and needs of the health care customer within that population.Create the organization’s vision statement.Where do you want this organization to go?What is your personal vision for this organization?Does the organization address customer service within the vision statement?Does the organization address the commitment to quality and value?Does your vision statement involve the employees?Define the organization’s mission statement.What is the reason that this organization was created?Does the organization address customer service within the mission statement?Does the organization address the commitment to value and quality?

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