ANOVA AssignmentFor the Portfolio Assignment
1. Use the data set TTest.sav
2. Choose an independent variable. The independent variable is your choice. It just has to have at least three categories-that is to be a categorical variable. This is key aspect of ANOVA. Example in the data set is “conmedic”, confidence in the medicine.
3. Run a One-Way Anova, Using Scheffe and Dunnett’s T3 post hoc Tests. This is for practice of seeing what they do.
4. Rerun the ANOVA using a planned comparison of the first group of your IV choice against the last group of your IV. If you have four groups, the contrast set up would be:
This compares groups 1 and 4 and ignores the other two.
5. I want you to try to write up a little bit in bullet points.
Research Questions-What would the research question look like?
“Do individuals with higher levels of confidence in medicine have
higher levels of [insert variable construct here]?
Use the H0 notation. If you do not know how to do equations/sumbols in word, I can make a video. Tell me in the discussion board.
Sample: There were YYZ participants in this study.
Analysis: See the words to numbers book on ANOVA
Results: See words to numbers book on ANOVA. You should discuss the ANOVA table, mean differences..etc..
A couple of questions (6 & 7) I want to see how you answer.
6. Complete this table! Figure out what the ? values should be. You should use the notes to help.
ANOVA Source SS df ms F between 42 2 21 ? within ? ? 1 Total 48 ?

7. A nurse is running a study on Prednisone use in the PICU, and has a few questions for you. Note this is not related to question above.
If I have 3 groups of prednisone users, low, medium, and high and there are 300 people is the study, what will my degrees of freedom be for the between variance, within variance and total variance?
I am pretty sure the low use group is not changing, how would I compare?
Other readings if you want to expand your knowledge and interpretation of research. Not required, just professional development.
Schuyler Huck. Reading Statistics and Research. 6th edition Pearson.
Fred L Perry and Joe D. Nichols Understanding Research in Education. Becoming a Discerning Consumer. Routledge 9781138776425

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