Early in the course, you should choose a topic related to Economic Development from the list below. As a public administrator, it is imperative that you understand the concepts related to economic development; thus, you will create an annotated bibliography summarizing the current literature on a specific aspect of Public Administration and Economic Development. Your annotated bibliography should include at least 25 scholarly, empirical, current sources (since 2000) that are directly related to your topic. Sources can include the various journal articles that have been assigned as part of the weekly readings throughout the course. Additional journal resources can be found through Liberty University Online’s Research Portal. Be sure that you select a variety of respected sources. Format the annotated bibliography in correct APA style.Potential topics for your annotated bibliographyChoose up to two of the following topics:Important factors in the creation, process, and implementation of local economic developmentHistory of Economic Development (Be as narrowed/specific as possible – History of rural, suburban, or metropolitan economic development)Strategic planning as a part of local economic developmentHow community organizations and NGOs impact economic developmentTypes of capital necessary for economic development (Be as narrowed/specific as possible – social capital, human capital, physical capital, environmental capital, political capital, and cultural capital.)Successes and failures of economic development in the 20th CenturyEconomic development in the 21st Century

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