Anna is a fitness consultant operating as a sole trader. Anna recently completed two fitness contracts
for two of her clients.
In her first contract, Anna provided a 10-hour fitness training course to her client, Sam. Anna charged
$1,000 for her fitness training course. This included fitness training materials that cost Anna $100.
In her second contract, Anna provided fitness video tutorials for a client, Lilly. Anna charged $1,000 in
total. This included $200 to cover the cost of the video recording materials.
With reference to the relevant legislation and/or case law, discuss whether or not these receipts are
Anna’s income from personal services.
Week 3 Question (10 marks)
Alex is a musician who is also interested in collecting old golden gramophones. He is not collecting
these old golden gramophones for business purposes. On 20 February 2020, Alex sold one of these
old golden gramophones for $3,000. The gramophone cost him $500 when he acquired it on 1 June
2000. With reference to the relevant legislation, discuss Alex’s net capital gain or net capital loss for
the year ended 30 June.

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