An investment by a entity in a combination. If the ownership gives the Jentity must take place at the end of every reporting period. entity is an example of a business , then a Το means bringing together, or merging, so the of the entities are essentially added together to show the financial performance and position as if they were one big economic entity. This necessitates the elimination of some accounting items via worksheet entries. The process begins with an acquisition analysis to determine equity. Since equity is represented by assets minus liabilities, the of the assets and liabilities of the must be determined. The acquisition analysis determines whether any should be recorded in the consolidated financial statements. Equity consists of more than just Share Capital and Retained Earnings. There can also be one or more process. This Business Combination Valuation Reserve and a special reserve account is created via the (BCVR) is used to record adjustments to individual accounts during the , since the individual records of the entity and subsidiary entity are never affected during the consolidation process. RESERVES FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CONTROL PARENT PRE-ACQUISITION SUBSIDIARY ENTITY CONSOLIDATE CONSOLIDATION GOODWILL FAIR VALUE

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