An absorber packed to the height of 5 m, is currently being used to remove a volatile organic chemical (VOC) pollutant from an exhaust stream. Fifteen cubic meters per minute of gas at 289°K and 1.013x 105 Pa, containing 5.0 mole % VOC is fed to the bottom of the absorber tower. By feeding a non-volatile, VOC – free solvent stream to the top of the tower, the VOC concentration is reduced to 0.3%. The solvent stream leaves the bottom of the tower containing3.65 mole % VOC. At the pressure and temperature of the tower, the equilibrium for the VOC – solvent system may be represented by YA = 0.8XA. The cross section area of the tower is 0.2 m2. Determine the molar composition of the liquid stream flowing counter current to the gas stream at the point in the tower where the bulk gas composition is 2.5% VOC. [16]7. a) Design of packed towers using absorption coefficients. [8] b) Explain the power drop calculations in the design of packed towers for absorption.[8]8. Derive an expression for optimum economic pipe diameter for an incompressiblefluid flowing in laminar flow.[16]

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