Assume you are a finance manager, who has been asked to investigate and report the challenges of costing and reimbursement of hospital acquired infection (HAI). Your audience is health services managers, who have a basic level of awareness regarding HAI. Think about a patient cohort who was admitted in a hospital with a primary illness of diabetes (Type 2) and now additionally suffers from an HAI of any one type, e.g. a urinary tract infection, surgical site infection, gastroenteritis or pneumonia. Keeping this patient cohort in mind, please provide the following:

A list of major direct and indirect costs, with a brief explanation of the associated activities for the whole patient journey in the continuum of care, e.g. from admission to hospital to community care. On the basis of this list, please discuss if the bottom-up approach of indirect cost allocation, a feature of activity based costing, is a suitable option for costing HAI.

Also include in your discussion, an evaluation of whether the mechanism of pay for performance (i.e. applying financial penalty for HAI), could be an ethical and effective approach to contain cost without compromising quality. In this evaluation, you are to refer to the experience of pay for performance in a comparable international health system. Lastly, please recommend at least one management intervention, considering the whole patient journey in the continuum of care that can improve the financial management of HAI in your healthcare organisation.

TASK Length: 2500 words

Harvard Style Referencing with 18 references please. (all post 2012)

It needs to be set out in a Harvard style report structure, i.e. with headings, executive summary, contents etc………

Please include the attached references.

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