Airbnb is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging. Suppose a researcher is
interested in how Airbnb is being used in Vancouver. The dataset airbnb_Q1.csv contains
Vancouver Airbnb listings compiled on Nov 9, 2019. The dataset has been modified from the
following source:
(a) Construct a histogram to show the distribution of a variable of your choice. Describe the
distribution; be sure to comment on the shape, center and spread. Report only one measure of
center and one measure of spread that are appropriate for summarizing the data. Any
inappropriate statistics provided may result in a deduction of marks. [3 marks]
(b) Provide an appropriate graphical display for comparing the distributions of price between
different room types. Provide a brief interpretation of the graph by comparing the centers and
spreads of the distributions. [3 marks]

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