Prepare the following budgets for the 6 months ending September 2013.You are required to use Excel spreadsheets, which can be copied into word once you finish, should you wish. A template is available for you to use as a basis.a) Sales budgetb) Cash Budgetc) Debtors Budgetd) Creditors Budgete) Production Cost Budgetf) Raw Materials and finished goods Budgetg) Profit and Loss Account Budgeth) Balance Sheet BudgetDraw conclusions from your budgets and prepare a short management report. Word limit 700-800; See attached docs for more information.Europe LtdBalance Sheet as at 31st March 2013££Fixed AssetsCurrent AssetsDebtorsStock100,000(Feb £10000, Ma rch £14000)Raw MaterialsFinished GoodsCurrent LiabilitiesCreditors (Feb £8000, Ma rch £10000)BankNet Current Assets / Working Capital24,0009,00013,00046,000(18,000)(3,000)(21,000)25,000NET ASSETS125,000Financed by:Share CapitalProfit and Loss100,00025,000TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS125,000Notes:? Fixed Assets are depreciated at 20% straight line method per year.? Purchases will be £5,000 in April, increasing by £1000 per month andpaid 2 months after purchase.? Sales in April will be £20,000, increasing by £2,000 per month andpaid 2 months in arrears.? Production costs per unit will be:o Direct materials £15o Direct Labour £12o Production overheads £5? Direct Labour and production overheads are paid as they are incurred.? Production units per month are 500 units? Sales units in April are 400 units, increasing by 40 units per month.? Expenses run at £10,000 per month, paid in the month that they areincurred.
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