Stephenson Company’s computer system recently crashed, erasing much of the Company’s financial data. The following accounting information was discovered soon afterwards on the CFO’s back-up computer disk.Cost of Goods Sold $439,800Work-in-Process Inventory, Beginning $36,100Work-in-Process Inventory, Ending $46,600Selling and Administrative Expense $60,800Finished Good Inventory, Ending $17,900Direct Materials Purchased $210,300Factory Overhead Applied $134,100Operating Income $24,900Direct Materials Inventory, Ending $6,800Cost of Goods Manufactured $389,300Direct Labor $67,300The CFO of Stephenson Company has asked you to recalculate the following accounts and report to him by week’s end.What should be the amount of direct materials available for use? $205,200$210,300$399,800$389,300

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