In a 2–3 page paper please research Toyota and describe the characteristics of Toyota’s organizational culture as well as the role that cost accounting plays as part of that culture.Unit 8 – PaperThe organizational culture of a firm may present a strategic opportunity for the firm. The organizational culture includes the shared values about what is important and how things are done in the firm. It is the basic way that a firm interacts with its operating environment. The cost accountant and cost accounting may have a significant impact on the firm’s culture.The firm’s culture will be reflected in many places. One way the firm’s culture is communicated to potential customers, investors, creditors, and other external stakeholders is through their website and their annual report. Visit the website of Toyota. Find the “About the Company” link at the bottom of the page and click on “Our Company.” Review the homepage and choose several other pages and look for ways the organizational culture is reflected on the pages.Under the “Operations” tab, click on “Investor Relations” and “Presentations/SEC Filings.” Download a copy of the most recent annual report it. Read the annual report and look for clues about the organizational culture. In a 2–3 page paper (exclusive of cover page and references), address the following:The characteristics of Toyota’s organizational cultureThe role that cost accounting plays as part of that cultureThe cost accountant’s potential impact on that culture.Be sure to provide specific examples from the materials you read, and include specific references to the pages on which you found the information. Your paper should be in good APA format.

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