B-04.09 Problem/Worksheet – Nkululeko J. Ntshanga owns a manganese ore mining business in South Africa. He is interested in attracting additional investors to obtain financing for planned expansion. Some potential investors have expressed a concern that money is really being sought to address liquidity problems being faced by Nkululeko’s company.To alleviate this concern Nkululeko provided the following complete list of assets and liabilities of the company. The currency unit is the South African Rand. Use this information to determine the company’s current assets, current liabilities, working capital, current ratio, and quick ratio. Based on your calculations, does it appear that the company is experiencing liquidity problems?Accumulated Depreciation R 4,569,000Prepaid Rent 45,800Note Payable (due in 3 months) 100,000Accounts Receivable 468,000Accounts Payable 255,000Patent 3,000,000Cash 790,000Supplies 134,800Unearned Revenues 133,000Equipment 8,777,600Interest Payable 45,000Loan Payable (due in 3 years) 1,500,000Worksheet:Current Assets Quick Assets Current LiabilitiesAccumulated Depreciation R 4,569,000 Prepaid Rent 45,800 Note Payable (due in 3 months) 100,000 Accounts Receivable 468,000 Accounts Payable 255,000 Patent 3,000,000 Cash 790,000 Supplies 134,800 Unearned Revenues 133,000 Equipment 8,777,600 Interest Payable 45,000 Loan Payable (due in 3 years) 1,500,000 Working Capital : Current Ratio: Quick Ratio:

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