Academic Inquiry

Considering urban regeneration and revitalization, discuss how history is variously embraced, ignored, or replaced, and how this relates to the identity of a neighborhood in its current state

Primary source must be the example of Griffintown, I would appreciate it if you can emphasize on Griffintown To complete this academic inquiry you must draw on, specifically refer to, and describe relevant facts from at least 2 non-textbook, academic journal articles that have undergone peer review Internet references (websites, blogs, etc) will not be accepted unless they are e-journal articles Full bibliographical information of your 2 (or more) sources are required See the last two pages of this assignment for more on what a journal article is, and how to provide full bibliographical reference information Use the databases available through the McGill library system to search for relevant articles: https://mcgillonworldcatorg/atoztitles/search#journaland Google Scholar: http://scholargooglecom This piece of written work is to be a maximum of two pagestyped in 12 point font in Times New Roman, Cambria, Helvetica, or Arial typeface You should use 15 line spacing, with 1 inch (25 cm) margins

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