A7 – TIC

Hi, Please explain the below code Line-By-Line. I will give you Thumbs Up.


A.7 15 Points int x 1, y-1 void swapplus1(int n1, int n2) temp n11 n2 temp xxn1 void swapplus2(int& n1, int& n2) { int temp n11 n1 n2-1; n2 temp; void swapplus3(const int& n1, const int& n2) int n1val, n2val, temp n1+1; n1val n2-1 n2val temp yn2; void swapplus4(int* p1, int* p2) { int temp p1 1; 'p1 p2+1 “p2 = temp; x”p1+y void swapplus5(int* &p1, int &p2) { int* temp p1+1; p1 p2-1 p2 temp; void print(const int&x, const int& y) { cout

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