Please read these instructions carefully and follow them closely. Your assignment will be assessed based on how well you adhere to the instructions. A written assignment is designed to get you to look deeper into the world of economics. It forces you to dive deeper into the information and gives you an opportunity to better understand the concepts that you are learning and apply them to a realistic topic. Please make sure you apply microeconomic theories you have learnt in this course. You are free to use any number of references. You are granted only one attempt to submit your assignment before due date. The length of your essay is maximum 1000 words in total, but there is no limitation in the minimum words. Please use 12-point font Times New Roman, 1.5-spaced, 2 cm margins, header 7303AFE Economics Assignment (similar to this document) and APA citation style if you use any reference. Your essay is worth 20 marks (20%). The marking criteria for the whole essay are presented

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