5 UMLU Yually. Andrew Glen and Norman Dale have decided to form a partnership. They have agreed that Glen is to invest $150 000 and Dale is to invest $220000. Glen wil work full-time in the business, and Dale is to work half-time. The following plans for the division of profit are being considered: a equal division b in the ratio of original investments c in the ratio of time devoted to the business d interest of 10 per cent on original investments and the remainder in the ratio of 5:3 RAPPA RY ACCOUNTING e interest of 10 per cent on original investments, salary allowances of $110 000 to Glen and $40000 to Dale, and the remainder equally f plan (e) except that Glen is also to be allowed a bonus equal to 20 per cent of the amount by which profit exceeds the salary allowances. Required For each plan, determine the division of the profit under each of the following assumptions: i Profit of $276000 Profit of $162000 Present the data in table form, using the following column headings: $276 000 Norman Dale so 090 Norman Dale Plan Andrew Glen Andrew Glen 11 u nion meat the criteri listed in key concept 2.11:

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